Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St.Patty's Day!

Growing up, we used every excuse we possibly could to celebrate. The Cummings Family loves planning parties, decorating, giving gifts, making festive treats, making people feel special, etc... It just makes life fun. We had luahs, Halloween parties, Christmas progressive dinners, fourth of July swim /BBQ parties etc... We decorated for even the smaller less celebrated holidays at our house. I even remember one time, we had nothing to celebrate but my mom really wanted to have a party so we had one and ordered a cake that said, "Congratulations To Us All"... hahaha. My mom is hilarious and fun. Brian and I are pretty big on traditions. When we got married, we decided we wanted to carry out the traditions of our families and also start some fun new traditions of our own. Much to Brians surprise when we got married, this meant we celebrate EVERYTHING!!! March is a very important month for us because it's the month we got married and it's also March Madness. Well, I feel like St. Patricks Day was really getting out-shined by our Anniversary and basketball so I decided to give the holiday the respect it deserves. Because we don't drink, some of you may be thinking, "How the heck do you celebrate St. Patty's Day without some Guinness Beer and Corned Beef?!" Well, this is how the McEwen's do it and how we'll do it every year from here out!! We make an all green dinner. Everything must be green. We are not allowed at the dinner unless we are dressed in every piece of green clothing we own. This year's menu was...
Main Dish: Mushroom Chicken with green gravy
Side Dish: Green Mashed Potatoes w/ green gravy
Side Dish: Green Beans
Side Dish: Green Rolls
Drink: Green Powerade
Dessert: Green Key Lime Pie/Key Lime Tarts

Enjoy these photos of us looking goofy decked out in green. Thank goodness I have a husband who fully indulges me and my crazy ideas!
Green from head to toe. (please ignore my post-preggo body)
Even Evelyn wanted in on the green fun.

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